Fri, Nov 20 |

The Money Mindset + Serial Entrepreneurship with Sean Croxton

This fireside chat will be an intimate Q&A with globally renowned entrepreneur and host of the #1 motivational podcast, Sean Croxton.
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Nov 20, 2020, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM


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Sean Croxton is a money mindset and personal development expert. As the founder of Underground Wellness, he has hosted over 300 health-based interviews on his UW Radio podcast and has created 7 popular online health events, including The Digestion Sessions and The Depression Sessions. In 2015, Sean stepped away from the health industry to pursue his dreams in the personal development space. He is the creator of the Money Mind Academy and host of The Quote of The Day Show, the internet’s #1 daily motivational podcast. 

This exclusive fireside will be moderated by Emmy Award-Winning personality, Leah Frazier - as she dives deep into serial entrepreneurship, developing the money mindset and monetization strategies for multiple sources of income with Sean Croxton -- specifically celebrating his surpassing his 1,000th episode of his QOD podcast -- one that has highlighted the likes of Steve Harvey, Lisa Nichols, Abraham Hicks, Les Brown, Will Smith, and many other motivational speakers who are widely celebrated around the world.