Mon, Nov 16 |

Seed Round 101

Andrew Kussmaul, a startup and venture capital attorney, will cover the ins and outs of raising your seed round.
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Seed Round 101


Nov 16, 2020, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM


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This presentation will be in lecture format. Andrew Kussmaul will be the sole speaker and will discuss in great detail the documents that make up a seed round as well as offer practical advice when it comes to raising this first round of outside financing from investors. The presentation will cover the basics of the round such as why and when to raise, as well as who to raise from and where to find investors. The presentation will then cover all the various legal instruments used in a seed round as well as provide practical advice on the instruments. The presentation will also cover an example of how certain documents would work in certain situations. After that, the presentation will cover various investor rights that may be claimed and that startups may see claimed from investors at this round. The presentation will then discuss how a startup chooses the right instrument for them, and will finish with a brief overview of the process from beginning to end as well as offering some parting practical advice regarding the round.